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Synergist is focused on the design and development of customized enterprise software solutions.   


Cyber Security

The trend is clear: despite unprecedented levels of security investment, the number of cyber incidents continues to rise. At the root of this trend is the growing sophistication of cyber criminals even as employee awareness has improved dramatically due to regular security training


No-Code Development

In addition to traditional software solutions that are built using compiled software code, Synergist also offers no-code solutions using the platform. No-code offers a rapid prototyping 


Software Development

Synergist uses a mix of onshore, near-shore, and offshore resources to provide the best development skills at the best price.  We specialize in zero-code development


Cloud Hosting Implementations

Synergist specializes in AWS Commercial Cloud and GovCloud implementations and provides a complete solution including development, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and cybersecurity.


Technical Design and  Documentation

Synergist will generate a complete set of design documentation for every project, including architectural, data layer, services layer, and presentation layer specifications.


Consulting Services

In addition to software development services, Synergist offers executive guidance on items such as vendor selection and "make or build" decisions, and assists governmental agencies in making vendor selections.

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